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Frisco, Texas, has quickly grown to become a significant part of suburban Dallas-Fort Worth. In fact, for over a decade now, Frisco has been one of the fastest growing communities in the country. In 1990, the population of the city was about 6,000, and now the community is home to over 250,000 individuals. Forbes has named Frisco as the seventh best place to move to in America.


The earliest settlers of European descent arrived here in the mid-19th century. In the 1870s, the railroad arrived, and a station for adding water needed by the steam locomotives was built about four miles west of the town of Lebanon. The railroad ruled in those days, and a decision was made to move the entire town to that spot. Stories are told of some residents rolling their homes on logs the four miles to the new location. The community was first called Frisco City in 1904. Later, the name was shortened to Frisco.

Parks and Recreation

The recreational needs of the city's residents are addressed in part by 36 parks that cover 1,369 acres. Another 700 acres of open land has been sent aside for further development. Kids frolic at the three spray parks. Hiking and biking trails are found throughout the community. Frisco also has a mountain bike trail that was built by volunteers.

Those that purchase Frisco homes for sale can enjoy the state-of-the-art facilities at the Frisco Athletic Center. The center addresses those warm summer months with over 40,000 sq-ft worth of outdoor water-based recreational opportunities. The indoor portion of the Frisco Athletic Center offers another 18,000 sq-ft of aquatics.

Attractions and Activities

The Sci-Tech Discovery Center offers children an opportunity to experience the interactive exhibits. Perhaps a visit will spark a new interest on the part of a son or daughter.

Those that buy real estate in Frisco can head to Dr. Pepper Arena for hockey and live concerts. MLS soccer is played at the 20,000-seat Pizza Hut Park.

Deluxe shopping opportunities are ubiquitous in Frisco. The Stonebriar Centre is a major regional mall that's home to 150 retail outlets and shops. IKEA maintains a massive 300,000 sq-ft showroom in Frisco.


The Lone Star Storytelling Festival attracts thousands of visitors to Frisco that come to enjoy the creative storytelling talents of the competitors. The children enjoy the puppet shows, and live music adds to the festive atmosphere.

A potential Frisco home buyer will find truly varied Frisco TX real estate to select from. A young family looking at starter-style Frisco real estate can look at ranch homes that are often quite affordable. The recent growth of the community means that there are many modern subdivisions to consider. Frisco TX homes with all-brick construction, multi-car garages and amenity-filled kitchens often feature custom architectural designs. Given the number of Frisco properties that there are to review, the services of a skilled Frisco real estate agent can be indispensable. The Keri Schuller Team can match the homes for sale in Frisco to your personal tastes and requirements.

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