Property Owner Information

Not all property management companies are the same. Many companies are primarily real estate sales companies that do property management as a sideline when the sales market is slow. Our primary focus is and has always been to meet the needs of our property owners through excellent and consistent property management. We accomplish that by offering distinguished service in the following areas.


  • Strong Web presence on multiple search sites for rental property
  • Members of MLS
  • Cooperate with other brokers representing prospective tenants

Tenant qualification process that includes:

  • Background checks including criminal and eviction history
  • Verification of employment and income information.
  • Obtaining a detailed credit report
  • Personal verification of rental history with prior landlord or
  • Verification of home ownership

Document Preparation:

  • Lease Preparation¬† (TAR lease)
  • Move In Inventory Report provided for tenant completion

Move-In Process:

  • Oversee necessary make ready or renovations
  • Have property rekeyed in accordance with State requirements
  • Follow up with tenant regarding any Move-In Inventory items

Maintenance & Repairs:

Over our 20+ years in business, PPM has established an excellent base of competent vendors for all property repair needs. Due to volume and a long-term policy of prompt payment our vendors have a strong loyalty to us. Most offer discounts which are passed directly through to you, our owners. They are also trained in determining the source of issues so we can charge costs to the appropriate party.

All repair and maintenance expenses are charged to the owner at the vendors invoice amount. We do not mark up repairs or benefit in anyway from repair costs to you. On the contrary, it is our goal to minimize your costs while performing appropriate maintenance and repairs to protect the value of your asset. 


Detailed electronic statements are sent each month via e-mail after rents are collected. Payment of rent proceeds are deposited directly to owner bank accounts via ACH. Statements and funds will be received by the 10th of each month or the owner will receive a personal contact explaining the reason for the delay. In addition, an annual summary is issued in January designed to facilitate the tax preparation process for property owners. 

Plano Property Management
Plano Property Management
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