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To Everyone @ PPM:  A big thank you from the Campbell's @ Creekwood Ct.  Thanks for sending James and Victor over to repair the Dishwasher and cook top, that was James. Victor is great ! He was quick and courteous to everyone. He put up with my grandson asking 49 million questions, he explained everything he was doing to my wife and daughter as he did it, and also let my Grandson hand him his screwdriver when it was needed! I have already recommended PPM to a friend at church and a neighbor across the alley. You guys are great. Keep up the good work!

The Campbell's

We had an emergency problem at Bear Run Dr on Labor Day weekend.  The tenant called Lori around 10:00PM on 09/06/2015 to report that the AC was not working.  The tenant was very frustrated and wanted us to pay for hotel lodging on Sunday and fix the AC that night, as well. 

First, she managed the tenant’s frustration.  She kept me and the tenant well posted on the situation throughout the weekend.  What I really liked about how she handled the issue is that she took ownership of the issue and she looked at this issue from a balanced perspective.  Of course, she came up with the best solution for me, the tenant and your company.  It is not easy to do during the Labor Day weekend with high-pressure.            

I really appreciate the effort Lori has put into resolving the emergency problem on Labor Day weekend.

The problem was resolved around 5:00PM on 09/07/2015. 

----KH - Property Owner

"Thank you so very very much for being so great to work with and rent from and most of all thank for the cool air again!  It is such a pleasure working with everything there!"

---Micah and Jenny - Tenants

“We have enclosed our extension for residential lease for another year. We wanted to include this note to thank you and let you know that we have enjoyed living at this residence. We appreciate your quick response to any issues we have had since we moved in and we look forward to another year renting this property under your management.” 
--- Jerry & Tina, Tenants


“Thank you for your years of excellent management of our properties. We have rested easy in our various assignments over the years knowing our homes in Allen were in your capable hands.” 
--- Dan,Owner


“I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work on this for us. I have really enjoyed the experience Plano Property Management has provided and your level of customer service. It has redefined my expectations.” 
--- David, Tenant

"Thanks so much for everything!  You guys are worth every penny!!!"---Shelby, Owner

“I appreciate all you have done to make our first rental experience an excellent one. It has been devoid of the nightmares we have heard and witnessed from others. Instead, our relationship with Plano Property Management has been marked by integrity, professionalism and consideration with a personal touch. From the first call to now, you have expressed in words and action a desire to uphold with integrity our agreement. Thank you for keeping a delicate balance of representing the owner with integrity and meeting our needs in the process.” 
--- Keith, Tenant


 “I have signed the enclosed lease. Great job getting the home ready and finding new tenants so quickly.” 
--- Barbara, Owner

Just a note of gratitude for all the years of your service in maintaining my house in Plano.  It was great having you taking care of the house because it would have been an impossible task from here in El Paso.

I am especially thankful to Lori with whom I dealt with more than anyone.  She's a great asset to your company.  Her manner and willingness to help and solve problems will always be appreciated.

------Albert, Owner

Keri and John:  It has always been a please working with you two.  I'm sure the process went very very smooth given the circumstances and what I have said before is true too...it has been a great team effort!

Be assured it won't be our last contact.  Sincerely grateful,

Lidia and Edmundo

Plano Property Management
Plano Property Management
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