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Welcome to Plano! Named by CNN Money Magazine as the best place to live in the Western United States.  Plano is a suburb of Dallas, located mostly in Collin County. The ninth largest city in Texas with a population of over 250,000, Plano is home to such corporations as Dell, JCPenney, Frito-Lay, and many others.

In 2008, selected Plano as one of the top three suburbs to live well in, and the United States Census Bureau declared Plano the wealthiest city of 2008.  You will feel welcome in Plano and enjoy the quality of life it offers, as well as the friendly people who will quickly become neighbors that you'll love! 

In 1846, William Foreman bought land a half mile northeast of Plano, creating the settlement. Building a sawmill and a gristmill, he filled a demand created by his neighbors, later building a store and a gin, attracting more settlers. Plano got its first medical doctor in 1848 and a post office established in 1850, unofficially run by founder William Foreman. Settlers that had been scattered around the county now became a closer community and local physician, Dr. Dye felt it was time for a proper name, so he asked Washington for an application to name the town Fillmore after the president. The application was declined and the name Foreman was then suggested, but William Foreman declined the honor. Finally settling on the name “Plano” the postal authorities approved the name and Plano was born.

Livestock was the principal business in the county, but more and more residents were farming the rich black land as Plano grew. Churches and schools were built, local businesses continued to grow and prosper and this continued until the Civil War, when like most cities, growth came to a halt. After the war, farmers and cattlemen alike began to return to their homes and Plano again began to grow. With new residents coming west to escape the ravages of the war, Plano became a haven for industrious people wanting to build a new life. Since then, Plano has continued to grow and develop, and settlers are still coming to Plano for great opportunities in work, in housing and leisure activities. Come visit, take a look around, and you’ll see what we mean!

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Plano, TX Attractions & Activities

The Art Centre of Plano 

Created to promote and encourage the arts in Plano, come visit and see the best art from local and world talent. To learn more visit:

Interurban Railway Museum 

Take a trip back in time when the best way to get anywhere was by train. Once a vital part of the railway system, the Interurban is one of the original electric cars and kids will love the exhibits. For more information, visit:

The Plano African American Museum 

Located in the historic Frederick Douglass Community the museum showcases the early black experience in Collin County.

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Parks and Recreation

With over 60 parks to choose from, including the famous Chisholm Trail, as well as parks for your puppies, Plano offers a wide variety of activities for the whole family. To get a complete list of the parks and their amenities, visit:


Events Calendar

Kiwanas Butterfly Festival 

Bring your kids to the Kiwanas Butterly Festival and watch their eyes light up as they see over 1,000 butterflies flying freely in a flower filled 800 square foot tent!

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Plano Balloon Festival


Balloons, fireworks and skydivers are just three of the amazing things you’ll see at the annual Plano Balloon Festival. Seventy five hot air balloons fill the sky and you’ll love the looks on the kids’ faces.

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Plano Book Festival 

An annual event to raise public awareness for literacy services and provide opportunities for adults and families they would otherwise not have access to. Contests for creative writing, author signings, story telling and children’s events are just a few of the great events offered.

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