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Suburban Homes

Property Management Services

Online Marketing

Our leasing teams utilize marketing tools to reach the maximum amount of interested applicants.

Online Meeting

Easy to use Owner and Tenant Portals

All tenants and owners are set up with an online portal in order to ensure timely payments.

Working at Home

Strict Screening + Rental Criteria

In order to find the most qualified tenant, we require all applicants to meet the standards of our rental criteria. The criteria includes - credit + background check, income verification and rental verification.

Leasing a Home

Eviction Filings

In the event of an eviction, we will file all appropriate paperwork, attend the hearings and follow through on all follow up including writ out possession and set-out if necessary.

Judicial system

Lease Execution &
Document Management

We deliver and execute the written lease and all required addenda in order to comply with all local, state and federal laws.

Business Meeting

Reliable and Cost-Effective Maintenance

We have assembled reliable contractors and licensed tradesman to ensure cost effective and quality work.

Painting the Wall

City Rental Registration and
HOA Compliance

We will work with all local municipalities and HOA's to ensure all properties are registered and in compliance with all ordinances.

Suburb Home

24 Hour Emergency Line

Our after hours emergency line allows us to respond to emergencies quickly in order to minimize any loss.

On the Phone
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