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Navigating the eviction process can be emotional and complex. At Plano Property Management we require all applicants to meet our rental criteria before selection. Unfortunately, in some cases an eviction is necessary, and they can be costly. As a further service to our clients, we are proud to offer our Eviction Protection Plan. For $13 per month, per property, you will not have to pay to file the eviction or any of the associated fees.

 Scales of Justice

Eviction Protection Plan: $13 per month, per property



  • Filing costs

  • Court costs

  • Court representation by one of our experienced property managers

  • Serving tenant summons (through constables)

  • Writ of possession

  • 3-day notices to vacate


  • Cost for a jury trial

  • Lost rent

  • Any damages to the property

  • Re-keying

  • Attorney's fees

  • Removal of tenants belongings

  • Any cost to litigate due to an appeal from the tenant

With costs to file evictions rising in all counties in our metroplex, we are happy to roll this service out to clients. Give us a call today if you are interested in in taking advantage of PPM's Eviction Protection Plan.

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